Saturday, June 29, 2019

Getting Your Spring Maintenance Scheduled Before Your Unit Breaks!!

Time and time again we see units that do not last through the 100 degree summer because they are clogged up with dirt on the outside air conditioning coil or the indoor air filter is clogging up the sir flow to the indoor air conditioning coil.

Getting your air conditioning maintenance together before you air conditioning unit breaks is crucial if you want your AC to last through another year. So if you have your air conditioning unit in a residential or commercial application, it should be cleaned every year if is it on the ground. When your unit is on the roof we recommend that we still check it out to make sure your air conditioning system is not low on freon or 1 of many other problems that may prematurely kill your air conditioning system.

Getting more out of your AC unit is easy, get the thing cleaned every year and check for freon level.


1. Clean the outside unit. Cleaning the outside air conditioning condenser coils increases air flow to transfer the super heated freon gas to a liquid. The easier it can convert that freon to liquid the more cooling capacity you will get when it is over 100 degrees which is normal in the Richardson air conditioning repair business

2. Check the freon pressure on the air conditioning system while it is running. Getting a good operating pressure on your air conditioning system will ensure proper cooling capacity and help prevent your unit running low or without freon. When you unit runs low it may freeze the indoor air conditioning evaporator coil. When this happens tons may go wrong like water leaks everywhere, and possibly breaking the compressor on the outdoor unit.

3. Checking proper indoor air flow. when the filter is clean and set up properly the air conditioning system can get enough air to extract heat from and put into the freon lines. When your blower is not running properly for what every reason then you may be running your system much harder with a very low amount of capacity actually being made.

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